Gas Handy Story

Standards as High as Our State of Mind Our Story

If you're new to the world of edibles or you're on the market for something equal parts effective and tasty, you likely know the struggle of finding delicious edibles that don't include that gaging taste of cannabis. Many on the market feature overwhelming, earthy flavors that are strong enough to turn away even someone with a higher tolerance.


At the onset of our brand, we recognized a need for delicious edibles that could meet your needs without presenting a mouth puckering reek. Our founder DeJohn Handy has always been a grower at heart. He sought a way to create unique edibles that enhanced the consumer experience and strayed from traditional methods that only produced ineffective, unappealing edibles.


Whether you're looking to dabble in plant-based therapies or simply want to relax and get lit after a long, hard-working week, Gas Handy provides the best-quality edibles you'll love partaking in on a regular basis.